Bitcoin forks BCH, BSV, and XEC experienced significant gains in June, but there are concerns about the sustainability of these rallies. FLEX Coin (FLEX) also saw gains due to its integration with Open Exchange. However, despite the price surge, trading volumes for FLEX remained low, raising concerns about volatility in illiquid assets. BCH’s price increase was attributed to its listing on EDX Exchange, but poor fundamentals and a limited blockchain usage raise doubts about the sustainability of its gains. BSV experienced an uptrend following a downtrend since 2022, while XEC benefited from the positive market sentiment towards Bitcoin forks. However, these tokens lack fundamental value and face volatility due to illiquid market conditions. The article suggests that the rise of low-liquidity tokens with loosely based narratives may indicate price manipulation and questions the long-term value proposition of Bitcoin forks. It is important to conduct thorough research and exercise caution when considering investments. The article does not provide investment or legal advice and reflects the views of the author alone.

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