This article discusses the recent challenges faced by Cardano (ADA), including the SEC lawsuit and delistings from major trading platforms. Despite these setbacks, Cardano has made significant progress in its decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, suggesting the potential for a positive recovery. The article explores Cardano’s journey through the SEC lawsuit and delistings, highlights its progress in the DeFi space, and analyzes the potential for a rebound based on on-chain indicators and technical improvements. The implementation of the Hydra scalability upgrade has contributed to increased activity on the network. Cardano’s decentralization and security features also position it favorably within the DeFi landscape. On-chain analytics indicate potential price bounces and a reversal in sentiment, while technical analysis suggests buying interest during price dips. The article concludes by emphasizing Cardano’s resilience and the anticipation of future developments that could shape its trajectory.

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