BTC’s price rose slightly to $29,518, but the 14-Daily RSI shows bearish sentiment. If BTC falls through the 50-day EMA, it could reach support levels of $28,500 and $26,850. However, staying above the 50-day EMA could result in a test of the resistance band at $30,750-$31,250. On the 4-Hourly Chart, BTC remains below the resistance band and shows bullish short-term but bearish long-term price signals. The narrowing of the 50-day EMA and 200-day EMA is a bullish sign. The lack of events affected BTC’s flat performance. Market uncertainty from SEC cases, ETF decisions, and a potential Ripple Court ruling appeal by the SEC could impact investor sentiment. Monitoring crypto-related news and US lawmakers’ discussions is important.

AI Sentiment: Neutral