Bitdeer, a cryptocurrency mining company, has announced the launch of its new Bitcoin mining facility in Bhutan that focuses on utilizing green energy resources in order to promote sustainability. The company’s CEO, Linghui Kong, highlighted the company’s recent advancements, including a significant increase in mining activity and the addition of 15,000 new mining machines at their Gedu Datacenter. Bitdeer has also formed a partnership with Bhutan’s state-owned investment entity to raise funds for a crypto mining fund. The company went public on NASDAQ earlier this year and has seen a surge in its stock price following the launch of its Bhutan facility. Bitdeer currently manages an impressive total hash rate of 20.6 EH/s and positions itself as a notable player in the Bitcoin mining industry. The company’s eco-conscious mining operations in Bhutan showcase the potential for crypto operations to coexist with green energy solutions.

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