Bitcoin Spark is a fork of Bitcoin that aims to revolutionize cryptocurrency mining by offering inclusivity and efficiency. The concept of mining involves creating new digital coins and validating transactions within Proof-of-Work networks. However, mining has become dominated by industrial-scale operations due to high costs and specialized hardware. Bitcoin Spark introduces a Proof-of-Process consensus mechanism that combines Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, allowing miners to possess a stake in the network alongside their processing power. This promotes a more equitable distribution of rewards and reduces entry barriers for miners. The project also focuses on user-friendly mining software and decentralization to enhance accessibility and mitigate concentration of power. In terms of earnings, miners lease their computational power to clients who pay with Bitcoin Spark (BTCS), with rewards adapting based on generated revenue and the number of participants. Bitcoin Spark is currently in Phase 2 of its initial coin offering and emphasizes investor security through measures like KYC audits.

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