This article discusses the challenges faced by digital assets in the current market. It mentions that bullish investors are trying to boost positive sentiment in virtual currencies, but with a market cap of less than $1.04 trillion, some significant changes are needed. The article then highlights seven cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on. It also discusses the negative impact of potential aggressive policies by central banks on Bitcoin and other cryptos. The article notes that real-world troubles, such as inflation, affect both retail and institutional investors and can impact digital assets. It warns investors to be cautious with Tether and mentions the negative sentiment caused by regulatory issues, particularly the US SEC’s actions against crypto investors. The article analyzes the technical profiles and challenges faced by XRP, ADA, Dogecoin, and Solana. It also emphasizes the importance of volume and investor interest in these cryptocurrencies. The author advises readers to approach these cryptos with caution due to various economic concerns and challenges.

AI Sentiment: Negative