The Ethereum network’s upgrade called Dencun could be delayed until 2024, according to Ethereum Foundation member Tim Beiko. The upgrade, which is still under development and requires testing, may not be deployed to a testnet before the Devconnect conference in November. If testing is not conducted before the conference, the launch on the Ethereum mainnet may be postponed until next year. The Holesky testnet is set to relaunch on September 28 and could be used for Dencun testing. However, Ethereum Foundation member Parithosh Jayanthi suggested testing the first fork of Dencun on an older testnet called Goerli, which will soon be discontinued. Jayanthi also proposed testing the second and third forks of Dencun on the Holesky testnet. The specific date for the upgrade’s launch was not given, but previous estimates anticipated it to go live before the end of 2023.

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