MicroStrategy, a company that provides data analytics to companies like Pfizer and Sony, has become the largest corporate whale in the world by holding over $4.8 billion worth of Bitcoin. This could have implications for the price of Bitcoin, as a major sale by MicroStrategy could increase supply and impact the price. However, MicroStrategy has stated that it has no plans to sell its Bitcoin holdings. The stock of MicroStrategy has experienced a significant drop from its all-time high but remains higher than its lowest level in 2020. Analyses differ on the future price of Bitcoin, with some predicting it to rise to $600k, $200k, or $500k in the long term. The Covid-19 pandemic has contributed to Bitcoin’s success as a risky asset. Potential catalysts for Bitcoin’s price increase include falling interest rates in 2024 and the upcoming Bitcoin halving in April. With limited supply compared to gold, Bitcoin’s total circulation currently stands at 19.51 million out of 21 million coins.

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