The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs have proposed a joint schedule for the remedies briefing and discovery phase in their ongoing legal battle. The proposed schedule outlines the next steps in the legal process, including a 90-day timeline for discovering facts related to remedies and information on events that occurred before and after the SEC charged Ripple with violating securities law. Ripple is granted 45 days to provide a superseding report, and the SEC may depose the expert who testified about the remedies stage. Both parties reserve the right to issue rebuttal reports. Pro-XRP lawyers believe that this collaborative move suggests a potential resolution, while others speculate on the impact of the legal battle on other countries where Ripple sold XRP. The proposed schedule provides insight into the legal maneuvers that will shape the future of Ripple and its relationship with the SEC. This case could also set precedents for the regulation of cryptocurrencies globally. The outcome of the legal battle remains uncertain, but it continues to attract attention in the crypto community.

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