Crypto whales are making major moves in the market as they invest millions of dollars in Polygon (MATIC). This momentum is seen as positive for the cryptocurrency industry. A notable whale transferred their assets to Coinbase before a 9% increase in MATIC’s value, confirming a positive macroeconomic trend predicted by analyst RektCapital. If this trend continues, MATIC could reach a resistance level of $1.0713. Despite currently being priced at $0.8677, MATIC has shown a 3.9% daily gain and a 69% monthly run. However, it is still down 4.4% from where it stood a year ago and has experienced a 69% retracement from its all-time high. Nevertheless, Polygon (MATIC) has managed to perform well this year and has shown resilience in the face of various financial industry crises. The article includes a disclaimer that it is for information purposes only and does not offer trading or investment advice. It also highlights the author’s background and interests in the crypto industry. The content ends with a promotion to subscribe to receive crypto news daily as a light-hearted read suitable for both newcomers and experienced participants in the crypto market.

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