Bitcoin mining firm Iris Energy believes that Bitcoin mining can play a crucial role in decarbonizing energy markets. By strategically placing mining operations near renewable energy sources, Iris Energy helps balance the supply and demand of renewable power, utilizing idle renewable energy assets and providing critical support to the energy grid. This is particularly important in regions like West Texas where renewable generation exceeds transmission capacity. Bitcoin mining can quickly adapt to price changes and provide a responsive solution for grid management. Iris Energy is committed to using 100% renewable energy and only entering markets where its energy consumption helps to solve energy market problems. The company’s focus is on building institutional-grade data centers optimized for high power-density applications. Reflecting on market dynamics, Iris Energy feels that the market is in a much better place compared to a year ago. The company plans to continue investing in the growth of its Bitcoin mining business and providing services to generative AI customers. The landscape of Bitcoin mining has shifted from chip manufacturing dominance to building large-scale infrastructure and accessing institutional capital. Iris Energy believes that its core competencies in infrastructure building and accessing institutional capital will give it a competitive advantage in the industry.

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